PPF2 is the version 2 of the PaulOS Image Format - now called the PaulOS Picture Format. The standard extension used for it is PF2.

At setting 0, no detail is lost. At higher details, compression artifacts, in the form of blockyness can appear.

PPF2 is based on some of the ideas uses in PIMG, however, it is capable of higher levels of compression, and higher quality images.

PPF2 is a complete replacement for PIMG - PIMG will no longer be used in PaulOS. PPF2 is now the standard format.


These are cut-outs from test images. Original on the left, PPF2 on the right. Below each set of images is the compression information for the FULL image. RAW size means the size of the decompressed original image.

RAW: 1440000
PPF2: 78853
Ratio: 5%
PPF2 mode: V1.1
Dimensions: 800x600 24bit

RAW: 921600
PPF2: 72785>
Ratio: 7%
PPF2 mode: Colour (1.0)
Dimensions: 640x480 24bit

RAW: 921600
PPF2: 56142
Ratio: 6%
PPF2 mode: V1.1
Dimensions: 640x480 24bit